The breeding season begins! Help us tackle an ambitious year and answer the call for Madagascar

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Discover the Wealth in Conservation:


At CPALI, we work with rural farmers to develop sustainable livelihoods that support both people and ecosystems. In our approach, we focus on existing resources, local leadership, community ownership and linking partners to global markets.   In addition, our enterprise conservation program has developed an online site to sell products made by the team.  Tanana Silk ( is the only producer of cocoon silk in the world - help us support the Malagasy and conserve one of the most magical islands in the world, Madagascar


CPALI’s sustainable livelihoods program seeks to connect people and resources in a mutually beneficial way. Through our work, we develop conservation solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, and driven by local communities. 


Locally organized teams of farmers cultivate native resources that CPALI markets abroad. Farmers are earning tangible benefits from the land that they steward while recovering degraded habitats and building the border forest of the Makira Protected Area.


TANANA SILK was organized by CPALI to sell products made by the the SEPALI Madagascar workshop.  It is an online market site that sells wholesale products to qualified buyers as well as retail products.  All of the profits from the sales are retuned to support SEPALI's conservation mission poverty alleviation.  Tanana silk publishes a bi-weekly newsletter as well as specials on instagram (tananasilk), twitter (@silk_ta) and Facebook (wildsilkmarkets).

CPALI wild silk farmers are raising native species of silkworms that feed on native trees. Producing silk cocoons, sewing silk textiles, and learning how to prepare insects as protein supplements are some of the projects in which farmers and their families are engaged. Click the link above to learn more.

Have you ever been to Madagascar? Do you have something to contribute at home? Have you ever seen a successful conservation project in action? Help us support Malagasy farmers by volunteering, organizing your environmental club to raise funds or simply telling your friends and associates about CPALI.

Help us put conservation in the hands of the people most capable and best situated to protect the resources we all need. Donate to help CPALI farmers build a sustainable environment, expand the CPALI project to new communities, build a multi-use training center or sponsor the education of a farmer’s child.

CPALI and SEPALIM bring you unique, handmade Wild Silk textiles found nowhere else in the world. We have organized a new online market site, Ta'na'na Silk, for our team's incredible products. Support our farmers and artisans by purchasing a one-of-a-kind Wild Silk product today!

Imagine your home with wild silk curtains. Tanana Silk  offers a variety of ideas and textiles

for window treatments.Cocoon silk curtains are a unique and beautiful addition to your home.  We make  39"x118" curtains from four different types of cocoon silk that will brighten up any room with their translucent properties.  During the daytime, the curtains obscure objects behind them; at night, images are outlined or blocked, depending on cocoon density.  These undyed textiles come in white, tan, and gold - unique, sustainable and handmade.  Looking for a custom size such as thee silk slats above?  Contact us!

November 06, 2020

Tanana Silk is exploding the digital ecosystem!  In addition to organizing a new brand, Tanana Silk, we have build a beautiful, digital marketing platform, that is continually being updated and stocked with new items. We complement the site with weekly instagram notices (tananasilk), pinterest updates (Ta'na'na Silk) bi-weekly Tanana Silk newsletter, Fun-Fact Friday, Twitter (@silk_ta) and of course Facebook (CPALI Madagascar).  Check in and keep up with all the fun!

Do you need inspiration? A wildsilk lift? Ringtail raffia for weaving??

August 07, 2020

Board of being inside?  Kids driving you crazy??  How about visiting and purchasing a wild silk scrap pack?  Be inspired to create your own wall art or hand it off (if you can) to a budding artist who needs entertaining.  Or check out "Wild Silk" by Tim Barclay - the story of how Rakato taught his grandson, Jean, about raising silk worms and protecting a rainforest.  Perfect for home schooling and teaching your child about why we need to protect our forests and wildlife.


July 17, 2020

Just arrived from Bealanana!  Can you guess how many Ceranchia apollina cocoons are in 69.5 kilos?

Visit the to enter our sweepstakes contest to win a free cocoon basket!  Contest begins in September - purchase an item from Tanana Silk and enter your guess!

SEPALI Madagascar Stands up to Covid!

July 15, 2020

The SEPALIM workshop decided it is better to be working together than alone. Long before Madagascar was taking measures, SEPALI Madagascar introduced facemarks which they made for the entire team and all team family members.  To support the workshop, CPALI organized an online sales site for the workshop, Tanana Silk,  The new online market site makes it easy to purchase beautiful silk and raffia table wares, woven belts, silk baskets, placemats, art supplies and even decorative wall art.  All revenues from the site are returned to the SEPALI program.  In the next month we will add a wholesale shop - don't miss out!  Liven up your home with a beautiful table runner and help Madagascar artisans support the environment and their community.

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