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CPALI’s sustainable livelihoods program seeks to connect people and resources in a mutually beneficial way. Through our work, we develop conservation solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, and driven by local communities. 


Locally organized teams of farmers have helped dicover, cultivate, and transform native resources that CPALI markets abroad, where, unlike most Malagasy people, customers can afford to purchase these beautiful non-necessities. Farmers earn tangible benefits from the land that they steward and in many cases have helped land recover from past degradation.

The COVID pandemic has forced us to temporarily adjust many of our operations in Madagascar. But the solid foundation set by both CPALI and our Madagascar sister arm, SEPALI Madagascar, has helped support both farmers and artisans as they endure this further challenge to their well-being. Watch our 2009 video to hear from SEPALI’s director, Mamy Ratsimbazafy, and from farmers and artisans themselves how they built this foundation and why this project is important to them.

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