SEPALI artisans produce unique, handmade silk textiles found nowhere else in the world. Crafted in the rainforests of Madagascar, our non-spun textiles are produced using a no-kill method that conserves vital rainforest area without harming silkworms or other native species. Malagasy farmers raise and harvest the silkworms themselves and refine the final products into shimmering, beautiful silk textiles that can be sewn, embroidered, painted, or made into jewelry or other goods. Visit our online store now!

Wall Hanging, Diana Eaton
Wild Silk Textile, Sand
Tri-color tapestry, Diana Eaton
Silk Samples
Silk Cocoon Bundles
Baobab Jewelry, dConstruct
Dress, Tara St. James
Wild Silk Transparency
Light Box Silk

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712 S. Palouse St., Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA

Varingohatra, Maroantsetra, CP 512, Madagascar

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