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Designing a mutually beneficial way to work with nature

Farming native species in recovering habitats

Empowering local populations and utilizing cultural expertise

Intercropping food crops for better nutrition and income generation

Recovering degraded pastures

Creating new livelihoods with existing resources such as wild silk

Securing local and foreign 


Helping rural farmers access better health, nutrition and education

Enabling local populations to experience the value in conservation

Investing in additional sources of protein

Improving soil structure

How CPALI Works...

CPALI was founded on the principle that local populations are the key to sustainable conservation. In each new site, CPALI’s local partners develop new livelihoods through the cultivation of native resources. Local staff engage in research, organize cooperative networks and develop products that enable rural farmers to derive income through conservation. 



How We Grow:

Expanding to new communities is accomplished when local lead farmers take the initiative to contact CPALI. After visiting the CPALI team's headquarters in Madagascar, a meeting is arranged in the farmer's village. Each farmer working with our program receives:


  • Individualized support

  • Equipment on "loan-to-own" basis

  • Extensive training

  • Connections to local and foreign markets

  • Leadership training

  • Technical support

All members are considered part of the CPALI community:

  • Farmer Groups

  • Local Head Farmers

  • Farmer Networks

  • Local CPALI Staff

  • CPALI International Support


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