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Every year, SEPALI Madagascar draws on the support of everyday heroes to help us reach our goals. Check out what some of our volunteers have done for us in the past or contact us about a new idea.

Mamanirina helps SEPALI study nutritional content


Maminirina Randrianandrasana is a graduate student at the Univeristy of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. She has been studying entomophagy, silkworm population diversity in Madagascasr and assisting the SEPALI team with nutritional analyses of host plants.

Documenting SEPALI Madagascar with Tom Corcoran


Tom Corcoran, a student intern from Cork University who worked with the SEPALI team for 6 months, made an award winning documentary that resulted in a 10K prize to SEPALI!

Lydiah Gatere Helps SEPALI Test Soils


Lydiah Gatare, now a post-doctoral student at Colombia University, collected over 100 soil samples to set-up a baseline monitoring system of the effects of silkworm host trees and silkworm excreta on soil quality.

Weaving materials with Cecile Moyart


Cecile Moyart, and undergraduate intern from Cork University, studied the distribution of pandanus and raffia palm trees that are used to weave baskets that farmers using for rearing larvae.  

Documenting the SEPALI project with Matt O'Neill


Matt O'Neill, a freelance videographer from western New York, traveled to Madagascar to produce a film about the SEPALI Madagascar project and interview farmers in the field. 

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